Mick DiMaria, Advertising Executive, Dad

Lost 19 pounds

Performed 100 straight pushups

Mick Dimaria is a Westchester guy in his forties.  He is raising two boys with his wife Mary Ann.  Mick and Mary Ann are very active in their boys’ lives with soccer games and school events taking up a lot of time.

Mick has a busy and challenging career in advertising.  So Mick is busy.  He doesn’t have two hours per day to go to the gym.

Mick had been active in the past when he started training at my studio in January.   But he was not where he wanted to be weight-wise, and he wanted to improve all aspects of his health and fitness.

Well, Mick is down 19 pounds and he has lost two inches from his waist. He completed 100 consecutive pushups and his strength has greatly increased.

Mick now has the beginning of a “six pack” stomach with a “two pack” starting to show for him. He had a “party ball” stomach when he started (according to him).

Mick can keep up with his young boys better than he could a few months ago.  He finds it easier to lift the two young guys as well.

Mick has added muscle (he says his biceps are bigger) and his clothes fit better.

In Mick’s own words:

“I have gained muscle, improved my balance, increased flexibility, raised core strength, enhanced heart health and have developed better health habits. I am feeling healthier, stronger, a couple years younger and I am more conscious of what I eat and drink. I am more confident.”


Tammy Stanton, Education Finance Executive and Mom

Lost 16 pounds, 4 inches from her waist and 4.5 inches from hips

Feels Happier

Lost 16 pounds

Lost 4 inches from her waist and 4.5 from her hips

Tammy came to us fall 2015 with a familiar story:

Busy and stressful executive job

2 kids

Not feeling “herself” anymore due to a combination of long hours at work, the challenges of parenthood and other demands of life.

And seemingly too busy to workout.

Her path to success is also now very familiar:

Commitment to working out 2-3 hours per week

Modest start

Steady nutritional progress..

No crazy diets

Today, Tammy has dropped 16 pounds.

Her waist is more than 4 inches smaller.

Her hips are 4.5 inches smaller.

She is dramatically stronger.

When asked if she has experienced any other benefits, Tammy said:

“I feel happier.

I feel lighter.

Not that I was Debbie Downer before I started, but I feel a big improvement in my mood.”



Lost 20 pounds, Dramatically increased strength

Like so many of our clients, Cesar spent years working hard at school and then at his career as an entertainment attorney  

He had maintained some cardiovascular fitness through spinning classes but had not done much resistance training.

His weight was higher than he wanted it. He works very long hours at times and he also has a family.

Cesar was busy, of course.  But he decided to give resistance training a shot.

Over the past few years, he has probably tripled his strength and lost 20 lbs.

He is still super-busy, but he is experiencing the fruits of his commitment.

He feels great, has lots of energy and is in great shape.



Medical Sales Executive

Lost 40 pounds-kept it off for over 10 years.

When I first met Jackie years ago, work and life stress had basically kicked her butt (as it does to all of us at one time or the other).

She was (and still is) a very successful sales professional, but her health and fitness had taken a back seat to sales quotas.

She had gained a lot of weight, and her energy tank was on empty.

Given the demands of her sales job (which include driving around LA traffic all day), she didn't see how she could sustain a fitness lifestyle.

But she started anyway.

During the first year:

She worked out a few times per week....eventually added some cardio....started to look at her diet....lost some weight....improved her diet a bit more....increased her strength....and lost some more weight.

I was inspired watching Jackie during these 12 months.

But I was to learn she was just getting started.

Jackie continued to improve in one or more areas almost every month.

And this has gone on for over a decade!

She has a "growth approach"-play the long game, maintain an open mind, learn something new, apply it and improve.

She has an almost perfect "Fitness Recipe"-a healthy portion of weight training and a serving of cardio sprinkled with consistent nutritional choices.

She doesn't feel deprived. In fact, the exact opposite-her life is dramatically enriched by the daily choices she makes.

By the way, she is one of the national leaders in sales in her company every year.

She says there is "no way I could perform in my job at this level if I hadn't made this commitment to fitness."

If I could magically replace society's 30 day diet approach with Jackie's approach, millions of people would lead healthier and happier lives.

Today, Jackie is extremely strong, very lean and she has maintained this condition for a long time. Month after month, year after year, she keeps getting better.