We offer a unique fitness experience in our SoCalSport&Fitness personal training studio.

But why did we win "Best Personal Trainer" in Westchester/Playa Del Rey for five straight years  (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016)? What is unique about our system?

For one, our clients don't have two hours per day to workout.  And so we maximize your time while you are here.

Our clients know they should workout, but exercise often slips down the priority list as jobs, kids and commitments interfere. So we provide accountability and a schedule to keep you on track.

We also help you get leaner and stronger in less time, by always providing a fat burning, strength gaining workout.

A trainer will always be there to instruct your exercises-insuring good form and helping you maximize your results.

Since focus is so important to fitness success, we will constantly encourage you and find innovative ways to help you succeed through our unique "Client Connect" system.

How does Client Connect work? 

  • We start with a One on One consultation to learn your goals and the challenges you face achieving those goals.  We will discuss how we will help you overcome those challenges.
  • We calculate your body's Metabolic Rate to help you understand how to achieve your fat loss goals.  We explain this in your initial consultation.
  • We calculate your Daily Caloric Needs to give you a more educated idea as to how many calories you should be eating on a daily basis (most have no idea).
  • We Review your Eating Patterns to help you find ways to improve your nutritional habits.
  • We provide you our 12 page Nutrition Booklet which includes a Grocery Shopping List, Importance of Protein discussion (including 15 Great Protein Sources), Portion Size discussion, Nutritional Label Reading Guide and more.  
  • We create a customized Cardio Program for you to follow on your non-training days.  Whether you prefer walking, biking, running or another form of cardio, we can create a program designed specifically for you.
  • You will receive “Check-in” texts each week from a trainer...to keep you motivated on your road to fitness success.
  • You will usually receive an educational hand outs about once per month related to your specific goals.
  • We may set up an in-person or phone meeting with you outside of the sessions if you need more help with nutrition or your cardio training. We actually track these communications to maximize the training experience for our clients and to make sure we maximize your results.

We help you overcome all these challenges to help you achieve Permanent Fitness.  

We work with you.

We succeed together.


We assist you with nutrition.

We coach you on your cardio and stretching programs.

We find these “extras” really help our clients stay motivated and energized to succeed.

With "Client Connect" we reach out to you throughout the month to keep you on track-moving toward your goals.

While we try not to take ourselves too seriously, we take you reaching your goals seriously.


We value GIVING BACK to the community

We regularly hold charity fundraisers to support the community.

Whether we are raising $2,000 during a “Row a Thon” for "Taking the Reins" charity for at-risk teen girls

or donating 85 canned goods to a local food pantry at Thanksgiving

Or raising money to help local police officers refurbish their location.....

Or raising $7k for Claire's Place Foundation Fundraiser/Families impacted by Cystic Fibrosis. (As seen on ABC-TV).


we find giving back makes our workouts just a little more rewarding.

Our studio is JUST THE RIGHT SIZE.....and GOOD. 🙂

We are not a Mega-Gym...and we like it that way.

It allows us to provide the ideal personal training environment-lots of personal attention and coaching- to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Remember “Cheers” where “everyone knows your name?” Here, everyone knows your name.

Think of us as the opposite of the “Mega-gym”.

The “Mega-gym” treats you as revenue only and takes zero personal attention in your success. We do everything in our power to be the polar opposite of that.

We focus on...and celebrate you.  Your successes.  Your goals.  Your workouts.

We focus on your well-being and your results.  Some call it the Golden Rule.

And maybe that is why we won "Best Personal Trainer" in the Westchester/Silicon Beach area in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

We try to keep it FUN and ENJOYABLE while focusing on YOUR SUCCESS.

While we hustle like crazy to train you and help you succeed, we try not to take ourselves too seriously in the process.


We figure most of our clients’ lives are serious enough with work, family and kids.

That is why we might play “Name that 80’s Artist” during 80’s Fest and give away “Rock of Ages” DVDs

rock out during “Rock Fest”


or give away some great prizes during “Hippy Fest.”

You might find “SoCal Santa” visiting during December.....

We have a Cardio Club that meets weekly and runs local 5ks together....

Such as the Venice Christmas Run....

And the "Race for Success" to benefit Westchester Schools...

and the "Color Run" team...

Or one of our trainers might tell you a cheesy joke during your plank.

We decorate the studio each month with a seasonal theme (March=St. Patty's Day, October=Halloween, November=Thanksgiving, December=Holidays) to enhance the “show” appeal.

Our Summer "White Party".....

St. Patty's Day....

Halloween is fun around here!

We basically just look for creative ways to “change it up”…to make your experience more enjoyable and productive…while never forgetting our purpose to help you achieve fitness success.

We find fun and success go hand in hand.


A Commitment to Education and Constant Improvement is in our DNA

One cool thing about fitness is there is always new and exciting information coming out.  We stay on top of the science to deliver you a cutting-edge workout-to help you achieve your goals.

We are also committed to communication, coaching and connecting.  We read books as a staff and never rest on our laurels.

We want to improve every day to deliver the best experience possible for you.



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