Catching Up w/Transformation Challenge Winner Geoff Maleman

Our 2013 Transformation Challenge winner Geoff Maleman continues his personal fitness challenge five months after the contest ended.

Geoff lost almost 30 pounds and 12% of his body mass during our February-March 2013 Challenge-taking home the $500 grand prize.  Since the Challenge ended, Geoff has continued to work out here at SoCalSport &Fitness three times per week and monitor his nutrition. 

Despite a very busy work and family schedule (Geoff owns his own business, is a husband and also a father of 3), Geoff has lost more than twenty additional pounds since the Challenge ended.   

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Male Client of the Month Bob Benton

Our Male Client of the Month is Bob Benton.  Bob is a huge asset to our facility and has been training with us practically since we opened (April 2011). 

Bob brings great energy and enthusiasm to each workout despite driving from Thousand Oaks to get here. 

Although Bob was a former tennis professional, by April 2011 Bob was “mentally and physically tired all the time, had weak muscles, injuries from playing tennis or running and had little interest in working out”.  

Bob started training in our original location (also previously working with Jeff in another location)... read more

Female Client of the Month Jill Marcellus

In April 2012, July 2013 Client of the Month Jill was not feeling great. 

She had a hard time walking even a short distance due to arthritis pain. 

She dreaded getting dressed in the morning, and her self-esteem was not the greatest.  Her energy was low, and she was not feeling optimistic about her physical prospects.  Strenuous exercise was out of the question.

Another long-time client (Miki) referred Jill when the two sat next to each other at a dinner event in April 2012. 

Jill noticed Miki was looking very fit, and Jill asked her how... read more

How to Bring More Fun to Your Workout

When it comes to working out, “fun” is not always the first word that comes to mind. However, you can bring more “fun” to your workouts by making a few changes. Why is fun important? If you find your workout to be fun, you are much more likely to continue doing it.

Get a Friend…or Two….or Three

Human beings are social creatures and exercising is no exception. Not many people like to work in an office or take care of kids all day and then go workout alone.

There are exceptions as personalities... read more